AOE-II AoE2 Liquor League - 1v1 Edition


"Liquor League" is a tournament organized and hosted by T90Official.

It will be a biweekly 1v1 event played on "Turbo Random Map" beginning on February 9th at 23GMT. A new event will take place every two weeks. The next series will occur on February 23rd with the exact time TBA.


The 8 sign ups with highest 1v1 get a spot. Once you have played in a League you cannot play in the next one.

Map size 2
Normal Speed
Standard Victory

Quarter Finals - Bo1 Team Random Civ
Semi Finals - Bo3 Hidden Pick No Repeat
Finals - Bo5 Hidden Pick No Repeat

75$ prizepool

No restarts. No admin res.

More Exciting Settings

Each Liquor League event will have a list of challenges. In the event that a challenge is completed the casters will take a drink. Players are encouraged to read the challenges before participating so they can "improve" the casting over time. Many of these challenges will hurt the player's chances of winning the game, so they must troll at their own risk.


Kill castle with Petards
Complete a Wonder
Research Unique Technology
Successfully trade with opponent
Research Horse Collar in Imperial Age
Villager dies to wolf
Build 10 universities
The Bird! (bird glitch in left corner)
Friendly fire 20+ units
Sick Magonel/Onager shot (casters discretion)
Sick Micro (casters discretion)


If you wish to sign up simply reply to this thread linking your Voobly profile. The highest rated sign ups will be accepted into each series, determined from Voobly RM 1v1 ladder. New sign ups will be created a week prior to each series. Each new series will involve different players. All games will be played on Match Stats using the WololoKingdoms mod. IMPORTANT: Players are expected to be present for their matches. These settings provide VERY quick games, and will take 10-20 minutes on average. Please do not attend the first game if you do not have time for the Finals. If a player is not present for their match they will be replaced on my discretion. I humbly request that players be on standby as much as possible as the settings provide fast games.

All games will be streamed on

This WILL be done responsibly and viewers who join in are urged to also be responsible. If you are kind enough and wish to chip in for the prizepool (and alcohol) you can donate via this link It is very much appreciated! The prizepool for the future events may improve if interest rises.



Your time
Your zone

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