AOE-II Uno-Rage Weekend 23-25.02.2018


What is Uno-Rage *: Thanks to KTGO for making these wonderful rules

1) These are 1v1 Random Map Games played on Green Arabia [No water possibility at all]
2) Pop == 200, Map == Tiny, Type == Conquest
3) These will never be Mirror Civilization games [Random Civs]
4) Players can only make ONE KIND of "Army" Unit.
- Ex: If you are making Militia, you need to stick to that Militia/MaA/LS/THS/Champion Line. You cannot make any other Unit in the game.
- Ex: If you are making Monks, you can't make any other Army Unit, you need to stick to Monks only
- Ex: If you are making Mangonels, you can't make any other infantry/cavalry/archery Unit. You need to stick to the Mangonels/Onagers/SO line.
5) Only Civilization that has a different rule is Spanish: Let me explain.
- You can make any Unit other than villagers and stick to it. Like, say, Knights line. In that case, you CANNOT research Supremacy
- If you haven't made any Unit other than villagers, you can research Supremacy.
After which, you cannot make any other Army Units [including Archery/Cavalry/Siege/Infantry/Monks]
- After researching Supremacy, you will have to use "Villagers" as your Unit of Choice for Uno-Rage.
6) You are allowed to make walls, castles, towers, bombard-towers.
7) Remember, choose your Uno-Rage unit wisely - You'll have to bring down Buildings too [Skirms and Camels won't be the greatest choices]
8) Your Scout or Eagle Scout can stay alive as long as you want [They will be exempt from the Uno-Rage rule]
9) You cannot make Units other than your Uno-Rage Unit of Choice [UUoC],
In case you queued them or created them by mistake, please delete them. [Five Strikes are allowed, more than five "illegal" units mean disqualification]
10) All games need to be won with that UUoC, you can't use Siege along with UUoC, obviously.
11) All games will be reviewed before a Winner is announced, Reviewers will make sure there was no illegal units created apart from UuoC.


We will directly start off with semifinals:

Semifinals: best of 3 (all RandomCivs)
Finals: Best of 5 (all RandomCivs)

Sample Uno-Rage videos:

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