AoE All-Stars R6 BacT (vs) Liereyy


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Dec 12, 2011
Please make sure your steam name matches your most well known AoC name without clan tags

Deadline is Sunday 18th June. ALL the games will be casted starting at 15gmt, so needs to be completed before then. If you/your opponent can't play before then, you MUST organise with someone else to play a game. Every weekend there needs to be 4 sets ready, so please ensure that games are played ahead of schedule. If possible play 2 sets a week in the early rounds so there are some spare recs.

Play all 3
G1 Map Pack Mirror Civs
G2 Loser g1 Home Map Hidden Civs
G3 Winner g1 Home Map Hidden Civs

Use captains mode for Hidden the civ picking. If for some reason the site isnt working send myself or T-west a PM saying which game/opponent/civ pick it is before playing.

Once games are completed BOTH (not just the winning) players must send the recs to me on Skype and I will post them all once all games are played. This way no one has any advantages.


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Nov 30, 2016
hi friday sounds good for me
can u play a bit later than 8gmt? like 9 or 10 maybe...8 is pretty early
but if u cant i guess we should play 8gmt


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