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King of the Desert was a huge success. And now it's time for the next celebration of Age of Empires:
MembTV and supporters weren't resting after funding and promoting King of the Desert. Only a few days after the event finished they started thinking "What next?". Together with the support of Phoenix Gaming International (PGI) they collected an incredible 6000 USD to get straight back into action and bring you another fantastic tournament. This time for teams.

Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska USA, Phoenix Gaming International is a rapidly expanding gaming PC builder that was started by a group of business professionals, IT professionals, and designers in 2017 with the goal of providing gamers and streamers with premier quality and service at prices that are more affordable than the alternatives. To save our customers money, we have built an assembly and distribution chain that spans from Legazpi Philippines to Blackpool United Kingdom. This network allows us to complete our orders as close as possible to our customers and save them money on shipping and taxes. Our PC’s are crafted with care by highly trained and certified builders and constructed with the highest quality name brand parts available on the market.

At Phoenix it is not only about the product and sales, we love the gaming and streaming community as a whole. Often, you can find our staff in the chat on some of your favorite streams or in the lobbies of some of your favorite games. Our company knows and understands the importance of being active and involved with our customers, clients, and partners for more than the time it takes to complete a transaction. From day one we have made a commitment to the streaming and content creation community and we put our money where our mouth is doing it. Over half of our marketing budget is being spent directly on upcoming events such as BoA right here on MembTV and on a referral program that compensates streamers directly for the customers that they bring us. Why do we do this? Simple. We know and believe that when a company takes care of the community it is involved in that the community will take care of it in return. Marketing firms may do an excellent job of getting the word out about a product, but they are also in it for themselves and that money will never make it back into the community that it is designed to reach. So, if you stream and are looking for companies to work with, look us up. If you are a professional gamer looking for your first licensing deal, look us up. And if you are a gamer, we hope you choose to upgrade your game with a Phoenix Gaming PC.

7 week long 8 team 3v3 tournament played on 7 all new land maps.
5 week group stage using the Swiss Format (win 3 games and you are through, lose 3 and you are out) followed by a Single Elimination KO-Stage featuring the 4 group winners.
Teams will always pick and ban the civilizations and maps they want (and don't want) to play. No match will include a mirrored or random civilization match-up.

12.03.2018 - 29.04.2018
7 weeks total duration - 5 weeks group stage, 2 weeks KO stage

How much?
Over 6000 USD - full list of donors here!
If you want to donate too, send money via PayPal to with a note that makes it clear that the money is for the tournament. If PayPal doesn't work for you and you need an alternative payment method contact me or MembTV by sending us a private message on AoCZone.
Every cent up until now came from MembTV and his viewers and the very generous people from Phoenix Gaming International. Show them some love, they made this possible.

Age of Empires HD & ALL of the expansions.
Readiness and will to schedule and play 7 sets of games during the months of March/April, one per week. The Semis and Grand Final must be played on the last two weekends of April.
Official tournament streamers must display the tournament banner in their stream / video at all times when not spectating / playing in game. No streaming rules apart from that, everyone is welcome to cast all of the games live.

Sign ups
Rules & Settings
Brackets & Prediction Contest
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HYPE! :clap:
KotD has been the best aoe tournament I have witnessed so far and with the team swissboy/memb this one should become nothing less than the next big highlight :smile: Really looking forward to see the new civs in a big teamgame tournament. So many new options for civ combinations and never seen strategies. I am so damn fucking hyped for this ayayay

Thanks to Memb, swissboy, PGI and all the others who are involved :smile: We love this game <3
Great afford everybody but limit this tournament only to 8 teams is a hype-killer for me. Due to this limitations Nations Cup will always be something more special than any of these tournaments.

Still wish you luck with it, unfortunatelly we and many others arent able to play it :roll:
Sign ups close in march. You have over a month to increase your rating.

You're free to organize something yourself without limiting yourself to 8teams.
Oh it is only 8 teams? Damn I was looking forward to this. Thing is you cant qualify in 8 teams unless you are like 2300 yourself if all the top players will sign up which is most likely. Its like tyrant, brazil, finland, team lierey and some china/vns and you are full.
What about some "silver league"? Anyone would be willing to host it? I think 3v3 WK would attract many players. I would play even with no prize money just for fun.
KOTD was amazing but it was sad to see daut go out so early because heis too lazy to practice, BOA will be even better, dauts entrie team will go out because he is too lazy to practice Kappa :lol: :lol:
@ Andrew, others
Had no resources or platform when I hosted Masters of Arena 2. Same for GMan who just started Masters of Arena 5 (open sign ups). And I had no time for KotD and have no time for Battle of Africa.
Hosting compact top level events is what I do. Can't and don't want to dedicate massive amounts of time to gigantic events that are open for all levels. Did that in the past and others will do it in the future.

@ CZ_Mango
Would love to have a Silver Division. Host it!
Sadly I would not have time to run it and I dont have any experience in that matter too. But maybe someone else could run it?
Great event mr Memb.

+1 for Silver league.

What about irish Robo? If he cant stop getting white girl wasted with the brothers, perhaps he could admin it? :D


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