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    WiC Group Stage Supermen(POV) vs DLUP

    Thanks for coping with 'Indian' problems and for rescheduling with such ease! :)
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    Taurus stream! [twitch_full]indus_taurus[/twitch_full]
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    InDuS vs Niggas With Attitude

    Hi Niggas. What are your preferable timings?
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    InDuS vs fwb B

    Hi ! What are your free times? We are GMT + 5 30. We will prefer to play on weekends, but if that is not at all possible for your guys then we can try on a weekday around GMT 15 and do let us know that before hand. ;)
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    Happy Birthday Sletten

    It's the legend troll's birthday ! :lol:
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    Notification bar

    A move to first unread post. A notification bar where you get notified about someone having replied to your topic or any topic that you're "subscribed to", which could be a new feature as well.
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    Link voobly rate to Aoczone

    I had it displayed for quite long but all of a sudden it doesn't show anymore. When I put _TauruS__ it does display but when I change it to _Phantom__, it doesn't. Is there any way to fix this?
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    Who has the best signature?!

    I believe I'd be at the top easy. What say? :mrgreen:
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    Warn status for users

    seriously :lol:
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    AOE-II Voobly accounts hacked again?!

    I realized that my DOB, country and signature have been changed..and it's the same with a few more users. What is it supposed to be? A voobly bug? This is the signature ._.
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    AOE-II Drop tricker ~~

    His profile He used a drop trick and made us all drop as soon as his 3 allies resigned. -150 isn't enough for these kind of tricks. It was the game of my life ! Don't play that guy ever ! JUST KICK THAT ROOK PLS !
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    AOE-II Skunk pack

    Top Games, not new ones though. Will upload more as soon as I get through a few more special ones by him ;)
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    AOE-II Pocket/Flank position

    viewtopic.php?p=137957#p137957 Is there something really like that or it's just random?


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