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    AOE-II  _Jidba (vs) [BsK]Priest Battle for Nr.1

    Re: _Jidba (vs) [BsK]Priest Battle for Priest is wierd indeed, sometimes he is ultra friendly with me and sometimes he its a jerk, but he is a very strng DM player, and even if Jidba won this set, priest will come back and win again. He allways do, but he is such a wierd...
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    AOE-II Tribute to (hong kong) poZ_Eason

    Pff i just spect him the other day.... and he was playing 1v1 some days ago...i cant believe :(.... rest in peace bro
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    AOE-II klvowledge vs Priest BO9

    Yeah priest is rusty indeed, 1 month ago was killing klowledge but he told me he was going to stop playing aoc for a moment, in any case, GJ because that needs to hurt his big...enormous...giantic EGO.
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    AOE-II Legends(vs)Warlords

    Re: Legends(vs)Warlords(viet Yeah koven wasnt a drush boy, but back in the 2003 when i started aoc, drush was something used, and drush + fc was a known tactic with azteks, in min 16, but drush was more a china+aztek+ other civs thing....not even i who liked...
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    Land Nomad Guide - TyRanT Nv

    Impresive, it helped me a lot. Thnks TyRanT for allow, and thnks poster
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    AOE-II  F1Re (vs) ChriSt 17feb

    someone move to classic plz U_u
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    3rd January: Duel of the Century - Viper vs Jordan BO21

    Can someone move all the serie to classic plz u_y? because or open a new section for Legendary - games
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    AOE-II  Carlos vs Kyo (hong kong)

    ego post! but ill watch :D someone as strong as kyo, with the first advantage of maya, most be interesting to watch
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    AOE-II  VNS__bacgioifro (vs) CarlosFerdinand

    Nice, keep it up Bhā'ī, 2014 is your year for sure!
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    AOE-II  BacT (vs) Edie 13jan

    PLZ stfu Edie, if there is one only person in this community who cant complain about any other actions is you, oh and wonder, both ****ing moorons and not good persons at all, a real friend in a 1v1 friendly game would lamme you because he wants the best for you, you can have 100 games with a...
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    TEL#2 Finals: JorDan_23 (vs) BacT Game 1-5

    Re: TEL#2 Finals: JorDan_23 (vs) BacT Game WTF are u talking about wonder? in this game chat u ALSO started to be annoying saying "rook", if he tells u "practice more" its because u lost and u deserve it for being such a douche bag, like allways.
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    AOE-II  _VG_paladin+geoffrey (vs) BacT+Yellow

    Holy! definitly will watch EDIT: nice game, it is worth the time, paladin used japanese better, same with bac as goth, nice imperial fights
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    Top Tier League

    Any money involed is allways good for the comunity, and i kinda like the idea of pick first then second, because there is no way viper and jordan can be in a same team if they do play this tournment, and also, some players like paladin have theyre own TG china style so there is a lot of...
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    AOE-II Pyc_Hawk goes 1v2 against two 1600's and loses

    not even viper can beat 2v1 in arabia if he is vs real 16+ of this days :/, to much strats could be involved for example someone can sling the other player, or even better, someone can go and do a town center with all in in viper base and the other guy just need to go fc and do anything he want...
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    3rd January: Duel of the Century - Viper vs Jordan BO21

    I dont know u guys but i want Duck as a expert streamer.... Duck: 1v1 rape, 1 1 1 1, 11111111, 14, ..., fu all
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    COT has been completed! Introducing Veterans of the Clash

    Re: COT has been completed! Introducing Veterans of the Clas This is awesome, thnks to the sponsor we love u man, and u couldnt pick better players BacT - he is a little better than yellow Ding- Omg this guy, his trainning for COT was impresive, i Spec him a lot and he played like a 2.3k boss...
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    AOE-II  Carlos vs Duck

    11 seems a good game ill watchlater
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    AOE-II  VNS_CooL_ (vs) CarlosFerdinand 12dec

    Whats wrong with u? family problems? ur life is miserable? u got a mental problem man, and u need to calm down, i saw the game and carlos played very solid, and he is lately going a lot to 19+ in 1v1 goth arabia war and at this rate he will eventually go 2k, also, ur only a 16+ noob...
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    AOE-II No dock on Nomad??

    ive played some games in gr where people didnt make dock in nomad...and i was like 1k points ahead in the first min of castle... u can skip the dock if u want maybe but...only if ur resources can lead u to a good FWD, and u take his wood mostly because, if he notice ur with out dock, he can make...
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    AOE-II  VNS_CooL_ (vs) CarlosFerdinand 12dec

    _Cool_ is 235+ guy in 2012, this fight....with 387kills 344 lost and 2 building lost 3 destroyed vs carlos....proves Carlos its very very near to jump to a 2k level at least in arabia goth war, hope after he reachs the 2k he also try other maps, go carlos!


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