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  1. daehiise

    Tournament ELO

    Awesome Website, good work!
  2. daehiise

    The Lumbercamp Competition

    sure, but I don't care about Efficiency niliKappa
  3. daehiise

    The Lumbercamp Competition

    Dear Friends of good lumbercamps, fellow 4-by-4-tile-spot-enthusiasts, I can proudly present you the results of the Lumbercamp Competition. Now, I have pondered over this difficult decision for weeks, not sleeping, not eating, only living off coffee. I even had to enlist the help of adminbot to...
  4. daehiise

    The Lumbercamp Competition

    who said I work with the gregorian calendar? Kappa
  5. daehiise

    The Lumbercamp Competition

    Good Morning fellow lumbercamp enthusiasts. Yes, I am procrastinating. Buuuuuut it's also kinda productive because I want to address an important issue: Lumbercamps. Or to be more precise: triggeringly bad lumbercamps. Every now and then You come across such horrific lumbercamps, placed on a...
  6. daehiise

    WK Patch 5.8.1 : HD balance update, new Updater

    I just wanted to say that everything worked perfectly for me. Thank You for the great work! TyRem.
  7. daehiise

    Do You like Coffee?

    Alright I'll start. Yes, and it's best prepared either with freshly grinded beans in one of those big coffemakers they have at cafés or at home with an italian coffeemaker.
  8. daehiise

    Do You like Coffee?

    We need to know. for science. Only concerning coffee, no tea, that's for another day.
  9. daehiise

    ECL Screenshot Competition #Africa

    My entry: fortified trading post -> I hope the resolution is large enough. :smile:
  10. daehiise

    Biggest pet peeves?

    People who stop right at the top of escalators.
  11. daehiise

    Great songs that most people don't know about

    guitar-focused more electric
  12. daehiise

    German Community Tournament

    Vielleicht hab' ich das irgendwo übersehen, aber wird das Turnier in normalem Single Elimination Format gespielt?
  13. daehiise

    Team Asparagus or Team Rhubarb

    this means war, freddie
  14. daehiise

    Team Asparagus or Team Rhubarb

    Rhubarb A plant with character, beautifully colored, can be used in many dishes, even desserts, sour but not too much... short: rhubarb is OP compared to aspargus.


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