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    Voobly RM/DM TG rating system

    The Wikipedia page does a good job explaining the Elo rating system if anyone is interested: There you can read about the “K–factor”. In short, this factor determines how many points players win or lose. The K – factor for 1v1 games on Voobly is...
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    Voobly RM/DM TG rating system

    Voobly is using a modified version of the ELO rating system for their RM/DM Team Games. Instead of distributing the points equally among all team members, the higher rated players win less and lose more points than the lower rated players. This modification is called “Fair team balancer (lower...
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    Balance between civs

    The latest balance patches were mostly concerned with unbalanced units, leaving general civilization imbalances aside. But nowadays it's clear how impactful good eco bonuses are and players realized that civilizations without eco bonuses are simply not competetive. To fix this issue one would...
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    T90's Regicide Rumble #2

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    AOE-II Repair discussion (for new UP)

    This is an inconvenient argument. You could draw the conclusion to keep all kinds of cheats and bugs (for example the bug, that lets you collect relics from far away) available, which would be fine, because both players could do it.


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