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    Wololo Kingdoms Balance Review

    This was super useful, thank you friend.
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    AOE-II Player of the month

    Can you please PM me a link for that? I haven't been playing in a while, but I feel like once a week or so watching a casted aoc game 11
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    AOE-II AOC Balance Patch - Changes Explained

    I just reinstalled aoc yesterday because I have some free time, glad to see that this project is still alive. When is the tournament that you guys mentioned here?
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    Nomadness is finished

    I had fun playing it, I had only played nomad like 5-10 times in my life before you announced your tournament. Now when I do consider playing aoc at all nomad is my map of choice, so thank you for organizing this!
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    Confession of an AoC Girl.

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    AOE-II  RiuT (vs) Vinchester 13feb

    11111, true that.
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    Confession of an AoC Girl.

    Please stop drinking alcohol, it's a terrible drug. Mental ilness is a difficult struggle, I highly recommend you order psychedelics online, psychedelic trips are the only real cure. 1-P-LSD and ETH-LAD are currently technically not illegal everywhere and can be purchased on the clearnet...
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    AOE-II  dogao (vs) Mounstro 04+18feb2016

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    Another Tetraides rage video :)

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    Is Voobly down?

    come to voobly china friends edit: PLEASE, I do not see the Nomad TG and there are only chinese individuals around and I do not live in China, I feel lonely
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    Looking for fellow Otakus

    The labels josei, seinen, shoujo and shounen refer to the consumer demographics the story is aimed at. Chihayafuru is published in a magazine (Be Love) made for and mainly consumed by the josei demographic, it's labeled as a Josei manga everywhere and rightly so. The high-school setting is...
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    AOE-II TG Tournamnet on the Balance Patch

    Cool, looking forward to it.
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    AOE-II TG Tournamnet on the Balance Patch

    Are there more people interested in playing team games on the balance patch? I was away from aoc during that 1v1 tournament, but I heard it was sucessful, it would be nice to have something between a 2v2-4v4 tournament on it, either ara, fr, nomad or all of it, preferably with no sling before...
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    AOE-HD I hate my Team Players when...

    Not replying in the chat and also not using it to warn about things he should warn you about is usually the worse. Something else that is on the list, but not on the form that bothers me the most is when one of the allies claim you are a noob and starts insulting you, but made worse by it...
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    Voobly Program Issues?

    Thanks, went there and did it.
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    Voobly Program Issues?

    Voobly should just roll back the software to the version we used a few months ago, it used to work 24/7, no crashes whatsoever. Now voobly often crashes for no reason and experience random slowdowns.
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    a few questions

    3. What you want is possible, you can select the starting age of a player to have all upgrades before that age done, and you can add any other upgrade by setting up what is called a "trigger" if I remember correctly, so its possible to choose exactly how upgraded each unit will be, I used to do...
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    AOE-II Problems with voobly

    please respond voobly
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    AOE-II Problems with voobly

    For the past few days voobly has been exhibiting random crashes and being slow to respond, several other players who I asked about it said the same are happening to them, so voobly what's happening bros, why is it so unstable currently?


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