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    [Spoilers!] Potential standings after current ECL stage

    Imagin - John Lennon starts to play in the background
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    DERAC line up performance in MoA5

    Tatoh or Bact
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    how does Memb

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    DemEyesRed Arena Cup

    Well that's quite simple to me... Arena Players, unfortunatelly are failing to reach the minimum rating to play it, so the players doing so, are the ones actually playing... That's fair enough.
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    AoC Association game

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    Final of Gen CUP (Brazilian Cup)

    Sponsored by Dolly
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    How to learn Dark Age/Build Orders?

    *Self promotion intensifies*
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    Hidden Cup 2 | Sign Up

    AoEZone username: Nigelslack Most well known Account Voobly username: St4rk Voobly Profile Link: Account you wish to be seeded with Voobly username: St4rk Voobly Profile Link:
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    DemEyesRed Arena Cup

    Who's GPN?
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    AOE-II Best Game of the Month: February 2019

    NAC2 Swiss Liereyy vs Viper G1 Arabia , NAC2 GF Liereyy vs Tatoh (Gold Rush one.. not sure which game)
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    DemEyesRed Arena Cup | Rules & Settings

    I remember BO5 to be very tiresome already, and in BO7/9 i would always lose the count of games and get too tired in last ones 11
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    DemEyesRed Arena Cup

    I'm so disappointed this ain't called King of the Circus.
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    Voobly Policy Updates for Streamers March 2019

    My boy has grown massive balls S2 i can rest now.
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    Hidden Cup 2 | Announcement

    Maybe i'm too dumb.. but how is scheduling going to happen with hidden names?
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    NAC2 overall costs

    Can we see player's gym result?
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    ECL Civilization and map draft - no info or analyzation in the streams

    Two things to point about it: - About ECL Settings: it does take some work (and practice) to find out the best civ combinations and a lot of pre-game strategy to make it work.. which is good since it gives a boost to the more strategic teams... and not only a free pick, but the Map Ban and stuff...
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    TheMax level

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    [KotD2] Feedback

    When two of your favorite porn actress make a cross-over...


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