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    Houseboat transport bug

    I didn't know who to pm :oops: so I will just post it here. This may have already been found out, but when I looked into it, the transport bug only occurs when one uses the SY map pack...In other words, if you pick SY_Houseboat there is no bug (besides the resource one they never fixed), but...
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    AOE-II There is still hope

    In a world where Viper can be beaten by Feage... viewtopic.php?f=770&t=109721 In a world where DauT can be beaten by Spaden... viewtopic.php?f=1057&t=110460 There is still hope where the Tyrants regain the top spot, and where Viper again rises in the RM 1v1 ladder...
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    Yo-Dan Map Pack

    Here are my updated (finished) maps. Please note any bugs you find or suggestions. All maps are regicide supported. 1) Mutual Migration A migration map where everyone starts on the same island :!: Tower rushing is common, but water control is helpful, and eventually you will have to migrate...
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    AOE-II How to post minimap screenshots?

    So I am working on some random maps for the SY cup thingy, and I don't know how to take a screenshot of the minimap and then post it here...
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    AOE-II My opinion on AoC Balance

    I make this topic to discuss the balance changes being pushed by much of the AoC community ‘celebrities,’ (Zero, Carlos, the organizers of the balance tournys, etc). I will initially organize this by general argument: 1) People say Huns are too dominant on open maps, that Vikings are too...
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    AOE-II Goths or Japanese on Land-Based 1v1?

    So I got into argument with a friend over whether Goths or Japanese win in land 1v1s (we both agreed Japs are better on water). So I'm wondering what the average bloke here thinks about Arabia, bf, etc. I personally would choose Goths over Japan on Arabia or really any land map, but perhaps am...


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