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    Today is BugA_the_Great 's birthday :)

    Buga, dear friend, enjoy in ur day, a lot of love, health, success in ur work and happiness wish u AOC community ;)
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    AOE-II  [EIF]BokiSergy =vs= suhasbhat - Michi 1v1

    Hope u ll like it ;) It was a very gg 'warm up' friendly game, after months of not playing Michi. There was Jenney, cooping to Suhas. Was exciting Mongols vs Celts match up, and was unlikely who will win until end :) We both thought many times its over, but then things would turn 180 degrees...
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    TTW 2012 Winner Bracket R1 VREB vs EIF

    Hello friends, our preferable time is: Thursday 21.30 GMT +2 ;)
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    Voobly records Autodownloader/Autoposter - discusion

    Call all game posters with a plenty of experience in downloading records from Voobly (or other medias/sites), to share here all their everyday problems and give suggestions how process of getting groups of recs from Voobly can appear in AocZone, with least possible actions. Aim is that with...
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    today is Cysion's birthday :)

    Cys, happy birthday ;) Wish u happiness and lots of enthusiasm in all efforts and plans u have with AOC and all other projects, and all best :)
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    Windows 7 Freezing - Fix

    *Problem: Your AOC randomly freezes when game starts for multiplayer ( or even single player ), or when you wish to open new rec for watching. You just see the black screen, or maybe screen which is faded a bit. Not rarely sound start repeating in loops... Mouse is not moving, and you can't type...
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    Djokovic- Champion of Aus Open

    After match of 6 hours, the longest grand slam final in history of tennis, Novak Djokovic wins 3th year per row the prestige tennis tournament Australian Open, beating Nadal 3-2 in probably hardest "gladiators fight" in history of sport :) These two guys played really amazing, so many...
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    Happy birthday Feage ;)

    I heard from a friend that today is b-day of our great community AOC player Feage. I gonna wish him all best in life, love, happiness, health, and many many wins and future progresses in the game ;)
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New year 2012 ;)

    Best wishes to all community members^^ Wish to all good mood, many ggs, many great tournaments, many new 2k players, less trolling over forums :lol: , kids to finish their schools with good marks, matures to be successful in their jobs, that everyone find a love, get marry, get their fresh kids...
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    AOE-II Ana plays AOC <3

    My lady-love with Mongols ;) ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀ O . .☻♥☻ /█\/█\ Ana & Boki <3 ✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿ I teach her and so happy to see how she progresses :D
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    AOE-II Nola vs mOD - 1v1 Michi

    Another Mongol challenge threats mOD domination in Michi 1v1. This time he meets Nola, a great RM player, but also very skilled DM player who mastered post IMP combats and tactics. Could Nola using Mongols show mOD a lesson? Can Nola's unusual style surprise mOD who has beat even Daut on his...
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    AOE-II [EIF]BokiArt =vs= (bosnia)clonx - Michi 1v1

    cool nice Mong play ;) Very interesting Mongol war, opponent is Celt player on Michi, with high rate of 19++ at 1v1. In this game we mixed some tactics and units. Very good bomming both sides, interesting development of the game at later. Enjoy^^
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    AOE-II Menem's BF pack

    several BF games of Menem, some of them have epic moments, especially the 4v4 game, enjoy^^
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    AOE-II Eagles vs Champions - test

    I made tests with champ vs eagles, on a request of a friend. And also woad vs eagle... Results are pretty much expected. Champ beats eagle, Mayan eagle is a bit stronger than Az in me-lee, I think its because it has more hp. I tested 40 champ vs 40 eagle. Woads are slightly stronger than champ...
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    AOE-II [EIF]BokiSergy vs mOD - michi 1v1

    I am sentimental for this game, it was probably best playing I ever gave. It was played year ago, vs my good friend Trevor, one of best michi players who mastered Celts. In this game, we met for the first time, and we didnt have idea how hard this game will be. We both used low rated nicks, he...
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    Beautiful piano ;)

    Make a sit back, full screen, turn off everything, and listen perfectness itself :D ap71d-pFoEY some variation on same theme :) RPXGZjh8nUQ This makes me feel like I am in the Heaven for the moment. Watching the skill of this 2k pianist, how many notes he has in mind, how easy his hands...
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    AOE-II We can see Voobly rates again

    This is very good new, if I am not mistaken, but seems that Voobly unblocked Aoczone, because I can see rates in signature banners.. Wanna ask did someone do something particularly, and put his efforts to make this: which one is credited, PKZ, Dreams, Prophet, Buga...?
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    AOE-II What happens with rate on aoczone (voobly profile update )?

    Hey PKZ, noticed last 10 days aoczone has problem with rating. Many games doest get rated... and banners of players show 0 games they have played :) Wonder, what is going on, and is there anything we can do to fix ( call Voobly admin to remake access to voobly database... )?
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    Some music for soul, nice for playing too

    Happy to share some nice youtube play list I recently found, very relaxing, its nice for study and casual playing: Let ur soul be peaceful as surface of lake in mountain ;) Use button "play all" to listen Enjoy^^
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    AOE-II Disabling smurf in Vooby, a good idea?

    There is very actual idea last few months, to limit smurfing on vooblly. Idea is to limit numbers of accounts how many one user can create. It means that, if this number is limited on 3, and player has two accounts, when he decided to make 3th, it will be the last one.There will not be a chance...


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