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  1. Sky95

    What video game was an absolute masterpiece?

    Reddit knows the answer :lol: 8-) ... sterpiece/ Top Answer atm: ... ce/cur7rh7
  2. Sky95

    Addicting Mini Strategy Game

    Hey guys :) , I dont post many non AoC related stuff, cause honestly I dont play any other games at all, but due to some friend of mine I got to knew a new game. (Rather unintentionally :lol: ) Anyway it's a text based strategic game, with the aim of surviving 50 years...
  3. Sky95

    AOE-HD Monk rush in HD

    This is just for some guys on reddit :) Hope you enjoy.
  4. Sky95

    Monks in AoK

    I read (here) that monks were actually countered by knights in AoK... is this true? how different were monks in AoK. I knew some techs weren't existing at this time and so they were more powerfull (caues you could make the 1000gold tech which lets converted units die)...
  5. Sky95

    AOE-II Testing the new Promi AI

    Thank you for letting me testing it. You should take a look at the monks ( i think he prioritizes relics to early) and on the "problem" in game 1 :shock: :? was fun to play and I will play some more rounds. Till now there was no real challenge, as you will see, but i bet when it chooses...
  6. Sky95

    BoA5 El Quark (vs) Sky95

    ggs [/spoiler]
  7. Sky95

    AOE-II A question to Scripter

    As many people do "ask scripter" topics, it's my turn now. I trained a bit arena and in this game directly in the first 5 seconds a deer runs into my tc... I saw this before in a rec, and now need to ask: My dear scripter, how and why can something like that happen? it ran 10 tiles, or more...
  8. Sky95

    Bo5Arena: Question to "bugged" maps

    As, I didn't find a question thread i post this Topic. In the Rule it is declared, that one Player can restart if his ressources are trapped in the forest. How many tiles must be bugged to get a restart? sometimes you can still work from 3 sides, which is enough for 9 vills, but not really good...
  9. Sky95

    AOE-HD  Sky95 (vs) Zheng

    as there aren't that many AoC-HD games, i thought i may play some games and upload :D
  10. Sky95

    AOE-II  Snyrtin (vs) SB_sanG

    Vgg, so i decided to post it. WinneR:
  11. Sky95

    AOE-II Path-finding Bug and how to avoid

    Lately i didn't play very much, so before risking lowering my rate i played a bit in single player (1-2 games vs barbarian, so please don't judge my play, i know it is horrible). Now in one of those games i scouts flushed and at 13:20 on the right forest of reds base my scout ran in the forest...
  12. Sky95

    AOE-II VNS_Halen AI vs Sky95

    Here it is for you my vietnamese friend :3 It is UP1.4 as version for aoc. EDIT: Wrong rec.
  13. Sky95

    Arch_Koven vs RD_Champion

    Where can i find the rec of their game? i looked at their voobly profiles (, but it isn't listed there. I also looked at aoczone in "Classic Games", but can't seem to find it. Isn't it uploaded yet ? :?:
  14. Sky95

    AOE-II just an example

    Look at the sheep and adjust please. :mrgreen:
  15. Sky95

    AOE-II Boom Challenge #1

    Pop 127 at 30:00 All economical upgrades and carto done. Imped at 27:41 EDIT: What have i done, wrong that those are just shown as attachments??
  16. Sky95

    AOE-II 40 goth champs vs. 28 japanese

    To avoid distraction. This test was made, cause i wanted to test if a post in another topic (viewtopic.php?f=68&p=342045), was correct. It has no reference to cost-efficienty. Me and a friend made a test, with 40 goth champs vs. 28 japanese. We played 4 games and switched civs. No micro, simply...
  17. Sky95

    AOE-II L_Clan_Shmeker-L_Clan_Capoch Small Bug

    I found this old game in a topic, where some user posted his favorite games. This is an old record, so it's 1.0c. Anyway, the weird thing that bothers me a bit appears at 29:15 in the middle of the game next top capoch's second stone. There is a scout from Shmeker who has the garrison symbol...
  18. Sky95

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone ;) Wish you all a great holiday and many good games :D
  19. Sky95

    AOE-II Sarbi55 vs. Sky95 Blackforest

    Kinda noobgame, but i won 11
  20. Sky95

    Sky95's Stream

    Hello guys, i finally made an own stream. here it is :) i hope some of you have fun watching me and my give me hints :P [twitch_full]sky95_gp[/twitch_full]


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