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    Opponents that made you most salty

    When they do this strat
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    USA Cup Sign Up

    Voobly Username: SirGibson Password: BunnyLover4000
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    AOE-HD Are Mongols shit now?

    Tatoh answers that question.
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    Archer Micro

    The Scenario MicroMania is soooo helpful. Also setting up games with friends where you set up little scenarios within the game to practice some more. Cheats enabled with aegis and deathmatch is preferred. This will help because as you micro you will notice quickly what the flaws are and how to...
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    How to be most effective Against [email protected]
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    Your Top 10 Overpowered UUs list Wk Edition

    1) Imp karambits 2) Imp mag hussars 3) Imp camel arch 4) Castle arambais 5) Imp plums 6) Imp genoese 7) Imp kamayuks 8) Imp tarkans 9) Yeomen longbows 10) Imp zerks/Imp mangudais/Imp woads
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    What makes players good

    Dedication or time and for most both.
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    Free Training - Get to 1900+ rating in 3 months

    Wow thats cool
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    Your most hated Civs

    I struggle with sara and Koreans...
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    Market Trading Vs Selling: An Analysis

    That was very informational! Two thumbs up!
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    how long it takes to take 2k in 1v1 from zero?

    It took Daut 14 hours
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    Should diagonal gate bug be fixed?

    Oh heck yeah!
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    LotH2 - Final Stage Begins!



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