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    please add this stream I wanted to draw some attention to this guy. He only has 20 followers, but he seems to have good knowledge of the game, and he has a casting style like the Ned Flanders of aoc. Promising talent, very clear/fluid speaker, kind of makes me smile sometimes --...
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    A-Ha - Take On Me. While LB10 was taking him on 11
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    and smiling! happy drunks unite :)
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    11111 that will be hard to beat, they did a fantastic job of hiding any moving parts on it while flying! but i will see what i can do <3
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    Introducing AoCStore

    This summer I had an AOC galley converted to vector and a decal made to spruce up my old boat :) I think it might look nice on a t-shirt. Feel free to use it, pm me if you need it in svg:
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    Help needed with computer

    Remove all ram sticks (hopefully there are at least 2). Put only 1 back in. Try boot. If it doesn't work, move the ram stick to another slot, and try again. If it doesn't work after trying all ram slots, try the second stick of ram in all slots. If it still doesn't work at least you have...
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    Age of Empires in Ink - drawn by BarbarianKing

    really fantastic stuff!
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    Please add keshaxxxxx to the list -- its the legendary noboru43! Apparently his noboru43 account got banned because he forgot he was streaming while watching a movie, lol.
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    Live Stream Status

    I mentioned before, I got a virtual server account (about $20/month) to multistream Twitch+YouTubeLive at the same time from just one source. That is, my computer is sending a single feed to the server, then the server uses its big bandwidth to relay that to multiple destinations. It requires...
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    AOE-II Koven (POV) + Slam vs Katonn + Aizen 01 ----- aug 2,3

    Please, please get Vile to come back. He was the grandfather of walling in a vill to kill a boar.
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    Live Stream Status

    7 thanks Genette! Looks like 8th Wonder gets to be top of the pack in the meantime :) From your link Twitch is apparently scrubbing copyrighted music from VODs. At least it doesn't apply to live streams -- for now -- but I assume that will eventually happen.
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    Live Stream Status

    +1 ? That little list on the left is my tv guide :)
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    AOE-II Legends(vs)Warlords

    Re: Legends(vs)Warlords(viet Evidenced by the fact Koven went for a drush in the main event -- i was shocked!
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    AOE-II Arch_Koven_ (vs) RD_ChampioN Main Event! 18may

    Re: Arch_Koven_ (vs) RD_ChampioN Main Event! 1 Thank you so much for putting this on! Who knows, maybe this reintroduction will make them realize they truly enjoy playing AOC, and we will see them every now and then just having some fun!
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    TyRanT War 2: The Resurgence - Confirmed Schedule

    So just to clarify -- at viewtopic.php?f=3&t=100148#p338917 it says koven vs champ is "To be announced". Is that still the case -- as in, that aspect of the Resurgence will not be taking place this weekend?
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    TEL Interviews: F1RE

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    Pro gamers story: Get big, burn out, retire young

    I stumbled across the following article recently and thought it was somewhat relevant. Specifically I found this quote from a former professional gamer interesting: "The best way to make money is to be an entertainer and to be a streamer, just being a personality that everyone looks up to,"...
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    TyRanT War 2: The Resurgence

    "Long time" is understatement of the year!!! Man, you have no idea how incredible it is to see you here. Having taken 10+ years off myself, I was so delighted and grateful do discover that the game is stronger than ever with a new generation of young players and community. I hope you will...


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