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    AOE-HD Water maps bug?

    Thats a "bug" with the ai not the map, and a custom that makes landings is not easy to do (although saying making a solid ai in general is difficult) The computer will almost always do better on a standard-like land/mostly land map
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    AOE-II "Voobly's AoC noob culture/pride is pretty much nonexistant"

    Re: "Voobly's AoC noob culture/pride is pretty much nonexist I won't even cast a vote because of how dumb a question that is...
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    AOE-II Mongols vs Britons

    I just like mongols better cuz of scrush and mangudai
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    AOE-II vns_phoenix2016 very bad man.

    He was just teaching you not to lock speed that's all
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    Challenger Poll #56

    Give bruh a chance!!!
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    AOE-II Has this ever happened before?!!!

    I'm talking about standard arabia
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    AOE-II Strategy 1v1 Arabia

    I recently have been practicing drush => FC => knights and it really works for me with most civs
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    AOE-II Has this ever happened before?!!!

    One thing I am wondering is how often do two sheep get caught in a forest where you can't get them out? It just happened to me again the other day (at least the third time in the last six months)
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    AOE-II Elite Mangudai bugged?

    What are you talking about they look so badass :twisted:
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    AOE-II huns ara shit map CA war short and long term strategy

    Or just go knights.... At my level knights typically win vs ca anyway since you need less micro and can pay attention to eco more.
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    Comment to the current situation of the community

    +1 mucho support :mrgreen:
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    Dotovic is back (kind of)

    YAY! I'm looking forward to this...
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    Share music from your country!

    I know its in English but this is real American music :P
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    Windows 10

    I can't get it till the 29th...are you europeans favored or something?
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    AOE-II Death Match Michi Tournament

    But conspiracy theories are what aoczone aoczone.
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    SY Group Stage R1 China A (POV) vs Russia

    See this is why WSVG is a lan event for the finals, to make the SY guys at a disadvantage since they can't play without lag :lol: :lol: :oops: jk, but playing with lag is part of aoc and top players should expect it (especially in worldwide team games) and be ready for it
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    AOE-II [BOOYAH] Who's the AoCZone troll you miss the most?

    dotovic was the best...and i still think danette is a coward :P 11
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    AOE-II $15 contest - Update with first winner.

    I try so much and cannot get under 25 minutes in game time... :( thx for idea though sifly was fun to try out and gj future winner (I'm rooting for jigs)
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    AOE-II $30 contest: !First Deadline Tonight!

    I'm just no good at this :( 11
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    Challenger Poll #55

    give bruh a chance!!!


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