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    99% tournaments for pros Vs 1 to 0 tournaments for intermediate level

    I disagree with the way OP is presenting this topic and arguing here, but I do agree that this is a problem. Casters are the main organizers of the tournaments (or they have someone like Chrazini/Swissboy to do the admin part), the main focus is still to get donations, subs, viewer numbers, get...
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    Bad conduct in game (unpause) - how do I react?

    Clown isn’t an insult in our community.
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    Bad conduct in game (unpause) - how do I react?

    Unpausing opponent’s pauses isn’t against the rules and won’t be punished. You gotta have the right to unpause opponent’s pause regardless what enemy says in chat, otherwise it would be abused the other way around. This kind of behavior is dumb and unfair, but the only thing you can do about...
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    EscapeTV Launch Event - Day 1

    The event was rushed and so many things are way too improvised. Can you next time test stuff like interviews and announcements pre-live? That means prepare 30 questions and choose few best and prepare a line how the interview will go to keep it interesting, funny and reasonably short. It’s even...
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    Who is your favourite historical figure?

    Jara Cimrman
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    Looking for drama threads on AoEZone now...

    You two plebs have no idea, how to create a good drama.
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    Banned from Voobly and consequently can't stream KoTD 2

    Most of people don't seem to get it. If someone makes stupid statement/action (let alone if he was just joking and for you it's over the line), it's not ok to call him an ***** and it's surely not ok to call him that in front of thousands people, who will generally share that opinion, because...
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    Banned from Voobly and consequently can't stream KoTD 2

    @ImRiver 1) Remember all your lies after our EGC games 2 years ago? Don't expect people to believe you now. 2) If you, as a caster say such things about player in game (he's a racist, he's a bad person) - who can't defend himself at this point - you deserve to be banned from casting KoTD, no...
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    Respect comes first...

    It's not recorded anymore, but we'll remember.
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    Respect comes first...

    Well, admins say it's due to aoezone being down and therefore loosing content in the last day, but who crashed aoezone if not robo? He's the only with a motive.
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    Respect comes first...

    I don't think there's anything wrong with a thread that none takes seriously and people post something just for fun. If you read all messages before the thread was cleaned, you can't be offended by the ones that were deleted. Stop being hypocritical as always Memb and rather focus on doing good...
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    2018 Review

    Great post, we need more Viper fanboys blaming Arena clowns. Very innovative and fresh PoV.
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    Best Civs? What does the data say?

    That's a wrong conclusion, if you're learning the game, you're not looking to play the strongest civ, but rather the easiest one to play. Also, those are the stats on top level, if you're very new to the game and your opponent knows the basics, he'll win with any civ vs any of your civ. Just...
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    Spring vs PROject_Belgium Bo21 $550 Showmatch

    @IamDiscern I didn't see that game, but I remember playing Spring on both RF and Arena like a year ago and it wasn't like he played bad, it was that he had very wrong ideas how to play it, like going BO with stable, def castle chukonus boom on long distance Arena. I doubt he improved much on...
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    Spring vs PROject_Belgium Bo21 $550 Showmatch

    I'd say Bugum is better player than Spring on mixed maps and far better on closed maps, therefore the map poll is giving him the advantage for sure. I like Spring and I respect him, but he's not the perfect BO kind of player + he lacks both knowledge and experience on other than open land maps...
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    The player with most games in AOE?

    I doubt that. Last time I checked accounts over 2001 1v1 rating, mine had the most games, but I'd be very surprised if I have the most among all. That's also only counting games since 2013 (or when was the rating reset). If you count games from 2007-2013 aswell, my acc might be top 20 - 50...
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    Make mamelukes great again!

    @Henkdesupernerd I'd say that Khmer are actually fine. They are OP pocket on closed maps (BF, maybe best pocket Arena civ), their halb + scorp is good for 1v1 closed maps too, being able to skip buildings is huge on some maps. The civ has real usage in some situations, although its still little...
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    Make mamelukes great again!

    @King_Marv I don't get how somebody can say that saracens don't need a buff and that with eco bonus they'd be unbeatable. In AoC Saracens were one of the civs with the most limited usage, being only good in BF TGs/full water TGs. That was because they had very good and extremely expensive UU AND...
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    Melkor vs Vinchester Bo5 Arina Showmatch hosted by MrGPN

    This is like DauT vs Viper, Vinch has 0 chance. Melkor is way better Arina player with more practice, more experienced, smarter and far better drafter/civ picker than Vinch is. Right now there aren't many players capable of winning BO5+ vs him, it would generally require aggressive play and...
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    ECL Middle East 3v3 Ro8 Secret vs Suomi

    Congratz to Suomi, Max's performance in both games was very impressive.


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