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    Thanks a lot. :) Great that u could help out so fast and came up with solutions. We need way more proactive people who are willing to help, are able to get things done and are creative, instead of just talking :)
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    Panama like this is not completeley a fix because in this version u always u have two spots on the map were the wood is super far away from the shore line which will lead in a 4v4 to a point that two Players wont have close accessible woodlines. I tested both Maps several times for a 4v4 setup.
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    Which map is chosen in the tournament is not your choice. Im in talk with Chrazini for some fixes for Panem.
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    LB Knockout: ChriSt team vs Heirs of the Dragon

    Can you read? I explained you now 3 times, that the lb is behind in scheduling. The LB has to catch up in scheduling. Your opponent team is able to play vs your next opponent within 2 days.(and has already done so) You are not. Your next opponent is not able to play next weekend but they can...
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    LB Knockout: ChriSt team vs Heirs of the Dragon

    ? You know that we had the same problem with your Team in the 4v4 with not being able to schedule a match and you got admin win from the other Team? One week later same problem with your team again, now in the 3v3. You understand that the LB in is already behind in schedule because of this...
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    WB - Final: Australia vs CSPD/DARS

    Since the Looser Bracket is quite far behind, you can play this match until the 24th @Faraday
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    i like the map. We played this map already in another tournament and had never problems with it. Neither in 2v2 nor in a 3v3 Tournament.
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    LB Lunacy vs Heirs of the Dragon u play this settings today. :) @Chirris_ @derpina276
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    3v3 LB Semifinal

    7. LB Bo7 semifinal Map 1 Dry_Arab_Fixed Positions Civs: Berber, Indians, Persians, Atztec, Ethiopians Map 2 Land Nomad Civs: Persians, Chinese, Malians, Maya, Map 3 SYNC_Yucatan Map 4 HM of the team which is currently behind Map5 Hm of the other team Map 6 SY_Seize_The_Hump Map 7 Arena...
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    LB Lunacy vs Heirs of the Dragon

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    Improvement Cup 4v4 WB Semifinal
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    Improvement Cup 3v3 LB Round II
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    LB Knockout: ChriSt team vs Heirs of the Dragon

    First of all: u didnt respond on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to your opponents posts. This match had to be played last Weekend because of your timezone. You reply on Saturday and cant expect your opponent to repond to that immidiately. Your next opponent is Lunacy. You cant play them during...
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    Lunacy vs Team India LB

    this is lb Semifinal @hiten_ @derpina276 @Puttsson Lunacy wont be able to play this weekend because of nac. So schedule this match for next week,during the week, so the winner of you can play vs The Vikings next on the 23rd or 24th
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    LB Knockout: ChriSt team vs Heirs of the Dragon

    Admin Win Heirs of the Dragon @Chirris_ start scheduling next round with Lunacy asap please @derpina276
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    QuarterFinal LB: Lunacy vs 2H

    I wanted to wait to post this until Slam finishes to cast the series...but since this is taken a while, i post it now @Gerald_Asamoah
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    WB - Final: Australia vs CSPD/DARS

    1. you have time Faraday. You are higher Seed. @Faraday
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    LB QF: PavPlebs vs [ French Community ]

    @Luca8761 @Kedaxxx
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    LB Knockout: ChriSt team vs Heirs of the Dragon

    If no Response from noodlebox, i give Admin Win to Heirs of the Dragon. @Chirris_ @noodleb0x
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    Improvement Cup

    well next Improvement Cup will start after the first one Ends. :) So chances are high^^


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