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    My wishes for WK changes in this year

    Slavs: - farming bonus reduced to 10% instead of 15% Indians: - villagers cost 5%/10%/15%/20% instead of 10%/15%/20%/25% - Fishermen lose the +15% gather bonus, but still carry +15 Goths: - cheaper infantry bonus applies in darkage - get thumbring Malay: - (Elite) Karambit warrior cost...
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    Demo rafts aren't working how they should

    Feudal demos are such a strange unit. It's proposed to be the counter unit to fire galleys, but you can simply outmicro them with fire galleys by using open formation. Funny enough they can literally one hit every other unit in feudal age except normal galley and fire galleys, the unit they...
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    Should diagonal gate bug be fixed?

    Diagonal gate bug is probly one of the most well known bugs in aoc: if you place a diagonal gate, only the middle part of the foundation will count as wall, the corners of the gate will be still walkable until you completed the gate. I always was curious if ppl think this should be fixed or not.
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    Selling/Buying all resources in one click

    If you ever had 10k+ res of something and you wanted to sell it all at once, then you currently have to click 35943594 times, even if you keep selling in 500 steps. So why not make a hotkey for it, to do it all in just one click (like eg sending resources to an ally while pressing ctrl).
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    Dislike option

    @pkz Since it's possible to simply like something instead of posting "+1" like in old aoczone, would it be possible to add a dislike ("-1") function as well? thx
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    AOE-HD aoe2HD steamsale

    Just in case someone wants to buy aoeHD+dlcs for WololoKingdoms and the new civs, it currently cost only 12,60 USD or 12,40 € all together (aoe2HD + all dlcs). ... jas/?cc=us
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    AOE-II Question about WK

    Would it be possible to include some sort of update button in the WK installer? So ppl dont have to search the corret page in github (which is messy af if you arent used to it) and redownload, unzip and install it step by step, It should be pretty much like the update button AoFE used to have...
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    Arena Mappack

    I used nC_Eru's new rms-tool to create a mappack of 20 Arena maps, including maps of HJFE, TheMadCADer, nC_Eru and self-made ones (ty guys! :)) Hope you enjoy those maps and maybe the mappack can be included in the next Master of Arina or in some TG tournament, who knows. :) Summary: There...
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    AOE-II Wagons and Conqus on ara

    When to make conqus and wws on ara? Especially for wws i have Zero idea when they could be useful. Even if your enemy pkt is aztec or Maya they're way too expansive to produce, and delay yourself way more than the usual 1 or 2 stable kts.Once you got them, they die easily vs kts, not just...
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    AOE-II Cannot spectate game -- you joined too late

    Is there any possiblity to disable that, in order to spec even if you're late? Just asking if :)
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    AOE-II  [Tyrant]BacT (vs) [AUT]Clemensor

    wp :)
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    Anyone knows a good mouse (battery if possible, if not np) with an extra key on left side for idle vills? Please one that's working longer than year, because mine is broke again :( EDIT: i'm currently using a Microsoft wirless mobile mouse 4000
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    LB10 vs eleaten

    Wann hättest du Zeit? Mir geht's momentan eigentlich immer.
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    Dagobert (vs) eleaten

    ggs score
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    _Dagobert vs eleaten

    Hallo, ich habe in den nächsten Wochen fast jeden Tag Zeit wann möchtest du spielen? :)
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    Into the Darkness - Sign-ups [chat & comments]

    no Mbl :cry: :cry:
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    AOE-II Mangudai upgrades

    In which order do you make mangudai Upgrades if you wanna strike fast with mangudai & siege ram, since usually you don't have enough res to upgrade all at the same time. siege ram up before elite up? elite up or stable/archery ups first? thumbring or parthian tactics first?
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    voobly down? 24

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    Norway A vs Arg A: second round

    Did those games already happen or when will they play them, i'm looking forward for the recs/stream :)
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    AOE-II TC fights in Land Nomad

    Can anyone explain again, why tc fights in LN are forbidden in tournaments? Don't get what's wrong about. What's your opinion guys?


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