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    Discussion - NAC2 Play-Offs SF Liereyy vs TheViper

    Imo the 5:0 wasn't only caused by viper's close to perfect play, but also by the draft. Viper had in every game a civ, which was either slightly better or far better and then it simply snowballed every game. As nili said after the games all other guys at NAC agreed, that there was close to no...
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    Discussion - NAC2 Group Stage TheViper vs JorDan_23

    @nimanoe i have to say that the order you're using for the options is confusing, i missclicked already 2 times. Can you please make the next polls in this order: A 3:0 B A 3:1 B A 3:2 B A 2:3 B A 1:3 B A 0:3 B
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    AOE-II Vote: Game of the Month January 2019

    Whats with the mount fuji game Tyrant vs Suomi, where viper was holding like a madman with triple sling vs slinged goth+turk? I thought that was game 4 :/ In case if it was game 3, add it please
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    AOE-II UserPatch v1.5 RC

    @scripter64 i would have to beg you for one very important thing for final userpatch 1.5: Would it be somehow possible to make a spawning command for objects in rms scripting, that creates a minimum distance for an object to another terrain (NOT a zone!). Yes i know there already exists the...
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    TheMax level

    All just the power of teal color
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    ECL Civilization and map draft - no info or analyzation in the streams

    totally agree with jupe, it's so, so confusing, especially in the ECL 3v3s and 4v4s to understand why teams sometimes pick a mixture of freepick civs and very bad civs (byz/sara etc). Most of the time it looks like teams went Random civs/Mirror civs
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    AOE-II Where is Dreams?

    seems like you were sucessful this time
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    Banned from Voobly and consequently can't stream KoTD 2

    Possible to ban smurfs on aoezone as it used to be done in past? Robo 14
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    Banned from Voobly and consequently can't stream KoTD 2

    I dont understand how someone, that hosts larger tournaments on voobly like the AoE World Cup can be strictly banned on voobly, because he didnt talk good about a well known flamer/insulter. As if there weren't any other possiblities, like talking with him or finding a better solution. There is...
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    My wishes for WK changes in this year

    it's probably even more like a handicap if you try to steal a boar, since you have to micro the scout a lot more, it might only help when you want to stop someone from laming a boar and chase it down. Scouting would be definetly faster, but problably not better than mongol-scouting or...
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    My wishes for WK changes in this year

    Slavs: - farming bonus reduced to 10% instead of 15% Indians: - villagers cost 5%/10%/15%/20% instead of 10%/15%/20%/25% - Fishermen lose the +15% gather bonus, but still carry +15 Goths: - cheaper infantry bonus applies in darkage - get thumbring Malay: - (Elite) Karambit warrior cost...
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    AOE-II Favorite maps for King of the Hill

    please add "middle with extra LOS/revealed middle (el dorado,..)"
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    AOE-II What are top players' views on sling meta?

    The taxes in feudal for slinging are just still too small. In ECL the tax is 40% atm, in normal WK it's 30%. One very important thing is, that 40% Tax, doesnt mean that the slinged player gets 60% of slinger's resources. The tax always put on the amount you want to sent, eg: you want to sent 100...
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    AOE-II ECL Handbook (Rules & Settings)

    Yes it is, starting from South East Asia 1v1 stage.
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    Why is it so hard to get non Arabia games on WK at 16-17++ level?

    the main problem isn't the map, but rather that you have to wait way too long for a game, while you wait you could have 2-3 ara, BF or arena games and people dont want to waste their time.
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    EscapeTV Launch Event - Day 1

    So Zak just announced the announcement of the announcement of ECL2?
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    Quarter Finals Prediction Thread

    Argentina 3 : 1 Russia Argentina 1 : 3 Vietnam Brazil 2 : 3 China Norway 3 : 0 Canada Spain 2: 3 Finland
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    Current RM 1v1 ratings

    3. If you create a new acc you win or lose way more points as usual (i think twice as much or so), which should help players to find their real rating more quickly. But if someone is smurfing vs ppl with accs that have already games on them, then it creates a shit ton of points from nothing. The...
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    Current RM 1v1 ratings

    Rating inflation


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