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    [KotD2 Round 2] [RG] MbL40C vs Nicov

    @Charzini idk if you noticed but a majority of the posted rec threads do not show the score under the show score spoiler tag.
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    Important Documentary! Before the Flood (2016)

    Can't take this seriously because all you ever do is advertise realms and bash WK /s
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    [Ro16] saymyname vs wAkKo

    You don't sound like a tourney admin, you sound like a nagging wife... kappa
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    I'm pointing out the obvious but he was being sarcastic.
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    [POLL] Was the tower nerf necessary?

    I just want to say you can't really use LotH as an example as it was Huns mirror games and the Huns meta never revolved around a full tower rush such as the Koreans.
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    AOE-II Greatest AoC female streamer?

    I vote for Smarthy! She deserves to be in this conversation.
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    ECL Europe East 4v4 Grand Final

    Lol how did it spoil? Just dont click on it. Not only that it has ZERO mention of the teams in it or a score of any kind.
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    QF - Yo vs DauT

    thank you for participating, daut
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    A glass of milk has spilled. How does each player react?

    MetalRTS: "We just won tournament" *spills milk
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    progress so far

    I was in NPL then I reached 1399 lost a game then went down to 1380ish then was banned from the lobby now I play Medieval Seige sparingly so be careful lol anyway have fun!
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    AOE-II Extreme Streamer Showdown - Season 2 Announcement

    Viper mentioned that Nerd is going to be gone for the next 6 days so they are going to postpone their games until he gets back.
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    Just might get one of these diplomas 11

    Just might get one of these diplomas 11
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    Barbarian v2.18

    Don't get him started. 11
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    Battle of Africa has come to a close

    All of those things you mentioned were products of time constraints and things out of Zaks control that he ADAPTED to in order to make the events run smoothly for example the Bo1 at the LAN tourney were because they were under a set time limit and literally got kicked out at the end of it. The...


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