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    Masters of Esports

    League of Legends, Counter Strike, Dota, Starcraft...
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    Masters of Esports

    Imo, masters of esports in the world are korean, American and Chinese. Aoc is not a exception, in the past btw. What do you think?
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    ECL Africa Predictions

    Except suomi, they all wrong, stupid people. They just supported for their favourite players/teams. And they didnt know how strong of the others.
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    Who would you pay to see have a boxing fight in the aoe2 community?

    I really want to see 3v3: Themax - MrYo - Nicov against Secret Team BO5. I am very admired Themax - MrYo - Nicov when they played in team games. That would be dreaming games.
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    Can you truly quit AOE2?

    I played aoc from 2002 to 2005 when i was in highschool. Now i have a wife and kid and watch aoe on stream recently.
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    ECL Qualification Bracket & Seeding

    Admin don't like VNA I think
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    AOE-II ECL Registration

    I am sure it will be good that you could use the bracket just like ATP tour in Tennis
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    ECL Just For Fun - Fantasy Bracket

    Something probably you guys don't know about Chinese community aoezone that they stream aoe on And they get a pretty high viewers for them, most viewers from Lyx and Paladin channels (more than 10k viewers each one watching in live), right behind are Yo and Vivi, happy happy... with...
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    ECL Questions & Answers

    Seedings base on voobly? in case of that, base on RM 1v1 or RM Team game?


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