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    AOE-II Why are bo21s the ultimate match?

    because of the illuminati
  2. Sky95

    AOE-II the Brainless beating Barbie thread

    dude. barbarian can lame since at least one year :lol: :lol:
  3. Sky95

    Paris attack discussion

    Re: RIP Paris .. do you have any source on this? I couldnt find anything but this: ... in-UK.html first of all it states also 41% dont want it and second, it's the most conservativ english newspaper, which is, judging by the articles, stiring up against...
  4. Sky95

    Paris attack discussion

    Re: RIP Paris .. :shock: if that's true, that's just ****ed up.
  5. Sky95

    AOE-HD Hi Hi in need of advice :)

    nice how people reply to a 2 year old topic bc of a spambot :mrgreen:
  6. Sky95

    Paris attack discussion

    Re: RIP Paris .. dude wtf? how can someone be happy because some idiots are killing people?
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    AOE-II The difference between bad, average, good and great players.

    Re: The difference between bad, average, good and great play i doulbt the 500-800 games per month.
  8. Sky95

    AOE-HD What if Microsoft just bought Voobly?

    many would imply, some people would play with that lag. dude I'd rather just play 4vs4 with people from all over the world who have 50ct. toasters as a router, than play with that lag on HD. yeah it got better, but 1v1 are still only comparable to 4v4 on voobly.
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    AOE-II Arch_Koven_ vs RD_Champion ERP

    krillin :twisted:
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    AOE-HD African Kingdoms and a message to AoE2 pros

    if they did this a halb wouldnt win a 1v1 vs a galleon anymore :o
  11. Sky95

    AOE-HD African Kingdoms Support Thread Patch 4.6

    Re: African Kingdoms + 4.4 Support Thread I dont know why, but after 4.4 my game doesnt start anymore. the process is opened in taskmanager, but nothing happens ._.
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    Blotch vs Smarthy

  13. Sky95

    AOE-II Turks vs celts

    guys read the actual post. He said Koreans are obviously Top 1. But asked who is Top 2. Imo Mongols and than celts. Afterwards only turks, but Im not sure 100%
  14. Sky95

    Ignore the other guys. Constructiv critism would require actually a bit effort in writing whats wrong... First of all you got to know, that most voobly players are a bit more than just your average player and stick to the game for a very long time, thus allready know how to play the meta game...


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