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    [RG] All Games

    where is round 2...
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    [KotD2 Round 2] [RG] Yo__ vs slam

    upload plz orz. still can't available
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    [RG] All Games

    ty for amazing games
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    Where should Chinese players go?

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    Where should Chinese players go?

    Hello, everyone, I am the administrator of an Imperial Age Forum in China. Recently, the version of wololokingdoms has been promoted with the spread of streamers, and more and more players are beginning to contact the new version. However, due to language problems, many people don’t know how to...
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    Bronze Final - TheViper vs vivi

    OMG the map last game is same as Vivi vs yo G3. amazing! somebody tell me why?
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    Discussion - NAC Grand Finals | Bo9 | July 15 @17 GMT

    So it that mean the GF don't have records?
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    AOE-II  vivi (vs) [TyRanT]slam 09dec2017

    G2&G3 are very gg! in fact I think boyar has too-low hp. It's hard to be a tank...
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    AOE-II  Experts (vs) TheMax, ACCM & Nili

    that's gg. I wonder why Geo made elite cost time... chinese team's civ is worse than "foreigners"team.Goth is hard to fight against Vikings...
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    [KotD] GF Liereyy vs TheViper

    G1-G5: theviper is god,but liereyy tried his best G6-G8: omg omg omg :o :o :o
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    Lessons from KotD

    well, i would rather suppose that the time Arambai product should be prolong,and moving speed should be reduce.
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    AOE-II  CNA_StrayDog (vs) LK_SkyWalkeR 06sep-18nov17

    Re: CNA_StrayDog (vs) LK_SkyWalkeR 06sep-18n in chinese language, "ha+gou"=stray+dog "hazhu"="stray+pig" lol :lol:
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    KotD has come to a close

    that's sweet
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    AOE-II  [_SY_]Yo (vs) vivi 28nov+03dec17

    the game of korea plays well


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