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    Should I sign up

    Whatever you do, if you lose, you got your lame excuses right here.
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    Ill watch, see what is like. Getting an aoe2 pro in would make it 10 times more interesting for me but would take away from the aoe3 pros.
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    NAC2 - Feedback thread

    This is what I liked in this event: The games, the casting, the players, the way down time was filled. This is what made me tune in: NAC1 was the best tournament in recent aoe2 history. This is what I think could be improved: I loved KillerB in NAC1. Get him in NAC3 at any cost. This is what...
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    Discussion - NAC2 Play-Offs SF Liereyy vs TheViper

    There is an easy solution. Draft your opponents civ. Time for koreans vs khmer and goth vs turks.
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    Discussion - NAC2 Play-Offs SF Liereyy vs TheViper

    I think people who say Viper lost on purpose versus Mbl are nuts. Credits go to mbl for beating the snake.
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    Discussion - NAC2 Play-Offs SF Liereyy vs TheViper

    Viper - Liereyy might have been one sided. Mbl vs Viper was an upset and tatoh vs mbl aswell. We saw great games. If nac2 ended today Id give it a 8.8/10.
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    NAC2 LAN Finals - Survival Guide / All Info

    Liereyy vs Viper semifinal and then a Mbl vs Viper final is a dream for the tournament. It would be a bit anticlimatic if Tatoh beats Mbl now. Same with Liereyy beating Viper. Viper vs Tatoh or Liereyy vs Mbl final would be one sided in my opinion.
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    Discussion - NAC2 Group Stage TheViper vs MbL

    Viper said he did not want to give the reason he was sad. It was just a split second and it wasnt pressed any further but I felt the same vibe during the kotd2 interviews.
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    AOE-II Game Speed Single vs. Multi Player (vs. HD)

    Except they didnt call it HD. HD is the version that is the recent cash grab that we only own to legally play the expansions on voobly.
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    AOE-II Game Speed Single vs. Multi Player (vs. HD)

    I will feed the troll. Viper won every escape tourney on HD (except one maybe i cant remember) so his success has nothing to do with 1.5. HD is broken. Voobly didnt fix HD, HD came after Voobly. The userpatches improved the original games a lot. Voobly is just providing the platform to use these...
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    BacT / F1Re - Situation *UPDATE*

    Now Viper isnt streaming, his showmatches will make Nilis channel the place to be. Really looking forward to all the showmatches.
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    Who is your favourite historical figure?

    Daut Sergei Stepanov Trond Petter Østmo Iroh Dumbledore
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    EscapeTV Launch Event - Day 1

    I dug through four pages of dirt and found gold.
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    Make mamelukes great again!

    A cheap unique castle tech to remove 3 (5) of the 5 (9) bonus dmg done by enemy (heavy) camels. That way saracen camels beat all other camels and their mamelukes are better vs camels aswell without increasing their strength vs other units.
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    ECL East Asia 2v2 Ro8 aM vs Secret

    Daut placed 2 good towers, they tried to push him and wasted time. That's probably what cost them the game.


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