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    AoE history is being written in Hamburg (potential spoilers)

    Sadly won't have time to watch most of it but good luck to Nili and everyone else involved <3
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    TheMax level

    Is TheMax a super good TG player? Yes! Is he the best? Probs not. Top 5? For sure. Don't forget about TheViper, Mr Yo, Miguel and many others. Suomi strategy usually sets TheMax up for top score. It would be more fair to say that Suomi is one of the best teams in the world.
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    ECL East Asia 4v4 Grand Final

    Suomi won because they played very well. Winland beat Secret before remember? Epic games! Kinda ehh about the mass slinging but seeing 5 people sling and watching TheViper duke it against fast imp Turks and Goths was amazing. Also Slam and JorDan_23 <3
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    BacT / F1Re - Situation *UPDATE*

    JorDan is the Prince that was Promised, obviously his return to #1 should be kept hidden so NAC2 would be even more epic. But seriously, the dude has a full time job and a kid. He probably can't find the time to play show matches. I'm sure he is practicing with Viper or our Lord for NAC2
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    ECL Civilization and map draft - no info or analyzation in the streams

    Would be nice to have the draft available, either on stream or on AoEZone. With KOTD2 and NAC2 going on at the same time its hard to remember the settings from the stages (What civs are free pick and which one are mandatory)
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    Which matchup would you most like to see in the final?

    Viper vs Larry because Viper is King and I don't want to watch only yolo tower forwards for a epic final
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    ECL East Asia 4v4 Ro8 Frantic vs Secret

    Jordan <3
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    Do you like traps?

    I am mainly here for the slamTraps.
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    Who is your favourite historical figure?

    We are but simple man we see our Lord and Saviour and we press like. Daut bless
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    Who is your favourite historical figure?

    Lord DauT. Caesar Augustus Constantine Justinian Edward Longshanks Henry Tudor (VII) the other Henry Tudor (VIII) Philip Augustus of France Churchill Lord DauT again.
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    Poll - Who will be in the semifinals of KOTD2?

    Well that is kinda the problem with some top players: Heart, Larry, Jordan, Slam and others have amazing potential and talent but just don't play enough. The only players I always see playing games are Viper, MBL, Tati, the Finnish and the Chinese players and they always perform well in...
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    KotD2 / EscapeTV Lan - Rigged? Kappa

    Oi mate are you disrespecting our Lord and Saviour?
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    [KotD2 Round 2] [RG] Hera_ vs TaToH

    I actually gave a slight edge to Hera since he has been in such good shape, could've gone either way and it did. Tati is just so good with reading the map.
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    RESET civ picks for KOTD2 quarterfinals

    It would be unfair to change it now after players already lost because of saving the better civs for later rounds. Yes some players had a easier route and thus were able to save their better civs but what do you want? Viper Larry R1?
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    [KotD2 Round 2] [RG] Hera_ vs TaToH

    Can't help but feel bad for Hera, those maps man! But well played Tati to make use of that and put the pressure on (game 2 was amazing!)


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