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    Best of 5 Arena Edition - Sign-ups

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    Spanish 1vs1 AoC Tourney!!

    ouh Rmcoo rlly? you go to cheer for that waller boomer nab ?¿? :(
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    The Arabian Conquest - Signups

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    AOE-II  Crazy mad noob game on Chaos Pit V1

    poxuelin rox
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    Spanish Team

    yeah Lord_nieve is Timer and _CuLunGule_ is blade and TaToh is Rob3rtStinton
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    Spanish Team

    hope all spanish join this clan. And people like ralber ruso tatoth mitos..etc to to make very strong clan thta can compite in any level
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    AOE-II VOTING: Dream Team vs TyRanT

    Crhis Yelow Ding Nicov
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    Top Tier League: Draft and Management Signups

    Player [Pervert]_DaViCy_
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    Please add my stream [twitch_full]i_want_swyt[/twitch_full]


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