The 3 Biggest Age of Empires Events You Don’t Want to Miss

The Age of Empires game has become one of the biggest online entertainment and gaming phenomena. Age of Empires 2 and 3 have simply continued to build on this online gaming supremacy. Here is a brief synopsis of the Age of Empires game brand and a few upcoming events you should watch.

How and why the Age of Empires became so huge

It is one of the original real-time strategy games that requires its players to make conscious decisions about what to build, where to settle, and who to attack. The game has developed a huge following based on its graphics and the steady manner in which the player can think through their playing decisions. It is also not as fast and non-stop as some of the other real-time strategy games that are out there.

AoE is highly interactive, and once the game went online, it was played by a huge number of dedicated followers. The game also spread similarly to the growth in the online casino, as evidenced by high-traffic sites such as Spin Online Casino. Both gaming genres (casino gaming/slots) & (real-time strategy games) looked to have hit their peak. Yet, just as the video and interactive slots have done for online casino platforms, Age of Empires 2 has shown again why this game is so popular. It’s all about the gameplay and what the audience likes. Just as the online casino has the top-ranked slot games and allows for an increased level of gaming interaction, so too does Age of Empires, in that it has developed the game over time and now provides some of the best graphics and gameplay in this genre.

The AoE top events that you simply can’t miss

The game never stops, and to accompany this, there are now a number of online events as well as actual live events that players can participate in. Here are some of these events that you should endeavor to attend as a true AoE fan and or player.

1.    Patches updates and content releases

This is one of the most critical aspects of the game to look out for, and you need to know when the next Age of Empire update or patch is scheduled to be released. Read discussion forums to keep abreast of the latest changes, and then schedule the update for a time when you are available to deal with any glitches.

2.    Topic-specific live discussions and forums

Top players have their own social media platforms where they share and interact with other players. But there are also a number of planned discussion forums that you can take part in, and one should ensure they keep abreast of the dates for all local tournaments and competitions as well as those where you may need to play in the qualifier.

3.    Next tournaments

Note the dates and the tournaments with cash prize pools if this is what you’re interested in. There is, for example, a King of the Desert 5 tournament in May 2023 that could bag you a cool $80 000 depending on how good you are and whether you could get through the qualifiers.

Age of Empires is massive and likely to get bigger and better as the related gaming tech improves. The discussion herein will have given you some ideas of the 3 biggest AoE events you don’t want to miss.






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