How to Figure Out Who’s Calling You

At some point or another, everyone has gotten a phone call from an unknown number. Whether you see the number on your caller ID for your landline at home or at work or you get unknown callers reaching out to you on your cell phone all the time, this can be extremely frustrating. You might decide to not pick up, even though you might wonder if the call is important. And, of course, there is also the concern that scammers are trying to get in touch with you so they can trick you and cause you harm.

Well, the good news is that you don’t have to wonder about who’s calling because you can figure it out! Here is a short list of tips and strategies that you can easily implement to determine who is behind an unknown number.

Use Nuwber to Look Up a Phone Number

First off, you can use Nuwber to look up a phone number and see if you can figure out who owns it. This is super simple to do, as you just have to go to the website, click on the area code, and then click through until you find the phone number that called you and the name that is associated with it. As another option, you can go to Nuwber’s home page, click on the Phone tab, type in the phone number including the area code, and then see which results show up. You might be able to get the person’s full name and other details, such as where they live. That way, you can determine if perhaps someone called you by mistake, if they are a legitimate caller you should speak to, or if they should be ignored.

Give PhoneHistory a Try

Another resource to try is PhoneHistory, which is a massive database of phone numbers in the United States. This database is kept up-to-date, so it can be a good place to go if you have not been able to get accurate information by using other online resources. The details that you can gather about a phone number include: the individual’s name or the business’s name associated with the number, their location, and other contact information and details about them.  

Head to Google

Finally, yet another super simple way to figure out who is calling you is by heading to Google and typing in the full phone number in the search box. You can see which results show up, and then click through to any websites you think will give you the information you need. You might come across people search websites or reverse phone lookup sites, or you might see that the number is associated with a particular business. Overall, this can be a quick method that you can try first, or one you can try if other methods haven’t given you the results that you hoped for, as Google might showcase more information related to a phone number.

Double-Check the Information You Find

One thing to keep in mind when using any method to figure out who is calling you: the information that you find on any site might be incomplete or inaccurate. Therefore, it is a good idea to check more than one resource in order to verify that the details you are collecting are indeed accurate. Then, you can really decide if you want to ignore a call, block a number, or take or return a call that you have received. As you can see, there is no reason to keep wondering about who called you from an unknown number. Within a few minutes, you might have the answers you need.






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