How to Create a Perfect Strategy for an Epic Battle in Age of Empires?

If you want to become an expert in Age of Empires, then the following tips can help you in mastering this game in no time. Age of Empires is a strategy game that is highly recognizable for its intense competition. This game can be played both online and offline. Also, there is a difference on the skill level of the beginner and advanced players. In order to emerge as a winner in real-time strategy games such as Age of Empires and StarCraft, you must possess some skills such as micromanagement.

Should You Use a VPN for Gaming?

Is it recommended that you should use a VPN when playing Age of Empires or any other video games. Do you know how to get a VPN for gaming? You can easily download and install a VPN for gaming. Using a VPN can hide your IP address and encrypt your internet connection. It can also improve ping, grant access to various servers and protect you against DDoS attacks.

Choose a Diverse Army

If you are new to Age of Empire then you should check out the guide for beginners. The series of games in the Age of Empires are recognized for its rock-paper-scissors type of combat. For instance, spearmen can win against cavalry, while cavalry can succeed against archers, and so on. To be fully prepared, it is advisable that you should have a diverse army. If you invest only in a single type of army, then it could probably result in disaster when fighting highly skilled opponents. Additionally, avoid throwing your whole army into a battle. Send only your units when they can be valuable.

Acquire Upgrades

If you want to have a booming economy, then there is more to this than simply recruiting troops. You also want to make sure that your army is in the best shape so they can be capable of fighting and winning challenging engagements. In case you can spare some resources, it is highly recommended that you should invest in some upgrades.

When purchasing upgrades, be sure to do this strategically. In other words, you have to prioritize the most valuable ones. For instance, if your army is comprised mainly of mounted soldiers, then it would be useful to acquire cavalry upgrades. Anything that can enhance melee damage and armor ratings would be a good investment.

Take Advantage of the Civilization’s Strengths

There are different civilizations in the Age of Empires. It is important to consider that there are no two civilizations that are created the same way in the Age of Empires series. In other words, each of these civilizations have their own strengths and weaknesses and it is important that they should be balanced. That is why it is vital that you should play the game based on the civilization’s strengths when necessary. Otherwise, you are playing the game with your hands tied behind your back.

For instance, if a particular civilization can benefit from farms, then you should create more farms. On the other hand, if a unit is great in heavy infantry, then recruit more of this unit type. If you neglect the strengths of the civilization, then it is just like you are throwing away the best feasible resource.

Collect Relics

You should not ignore the value of relics, most importantly, when playing competitive matches. Even though these are just little treasures yet they can offer a static Gold income when kept within a monastery. Some civilizations, particularly in Age of Empires 4, take advantage of more bonuses when it comes to relics.

That is why, it would be a smart move to use the Scout Cavalry during the beginning of a match. This is because these mobile units can easily hunt down the location of relics using the map. Once you’ve moved on to the Castle Age, you can create Monasteries and acquire Monks so they can guards the relics and avoid giving them to the enemy.

Use Terrain to Your Advantage

Aside from training an army and developing your economy, it is important that you should also consider the terrain. If you can master a map’s topography, then you have an edge over your opponents. It is recommended that you should scout the land and discover what the map consists of.

The more you understand the map, the more you can take advantage of its effective defensive positions and channels. Most importantly, you should be able to identify where the resources are and secure them immediately. Starving your enemies allow them to become submissive once they have run out of resources.

Acquire a Lot of Villagers

In Age of Empires, the fundamental economic unit occurs in the one that is the most useful. At the start of each match, you will be provided with either three, five, or six villagers, depending on what civilization you selected. 

In case there are ruins, villagers can collect resources and repair the structures. Since these villagers are the backbone of the civilization, then you should acquire as many villagers as you can. Also, remember that villagers have to work so they can reap the benefits.






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