Dinosaur Game Features New Multiplayer Updates Including Versus Mode And Mega Battles!

Looks like two tech guys working on fun internet games since 2003 made an awesome site dedicated to the Chrome sinosaur game. They created https://dinosaurgame.net after realizing that there’s no way to play the Chrome Dino game on a non-Chrome browser like Safari.

They created a separate site for the game and let people play the game but took it to the next level by adding a scoreboard and making it available online. They recently released versus mode, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly Mega Battles.

If you didn’t know already from a past internet outage… the team at Google created the Dinosaur Game in 2014 for users to play when the internet went offline. The dinosaur game on Google Chrome is called the Dinosaur Game or the Chrome Dino.

Chrome Dino only activates when there is no internet connection. But in this day and age, not having an internet connection is similar to prehistoric times hence the dinosaur as the main character.

The dinosaur in the game is a pixelated Tyrannosaurus rex or T.Rex that runs across a landscape guided by the player. The Dinosaur Game is of the endless runner game genre. In addition, Chrome Dino developers made the game in such a way that it will max out around 17 million years which is a node to the time the T-Rex lived on earth.

When you crash the dino into an obstacle, it can prompt an instant game over. Even if a player in the Chrome Dino successfully overcomes all the obstacles in the game and attains the game’s highest score of 99,999, the game instantly resets itself.

The recently released versus mode, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly Mega Battles are a fun twist to add a competitive aspect to the game. You can send it to your friends and challenge them to a good ol’ dino run.

The game has a very unique gameplay from the original version because of its multiplayer edge and feels so much better. The gameplay is a bit harder than other games in the genre which is a surprise. The history they have on the learn tab is really interesting and it makes you think about what will become of the T-Rex in years to come from Andrew and Eugene, two tech guys working on fun internet games.

This is a great game that you should try and give it a try! It’s really fun to compete with others. I had a blast playing it against my friend even though he kept beating me! I didn’t realize how competitive this game can be until we both played for about 2 hours straight and time passed by without me knowing due to how fun it was!

The best part of the game though is that it’s free! So if you like dinosaurs and want to run and jump over cacti, check out this game today! The new amazing multiplayer updates are live at Dinosaur Game.






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