22 Surprising Facts About World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft became, in fact, the ancestor of modern MMORPGs, and was able to survive a lot of trends like “royal battles” and other online grinds.

You may consider yourself a devoted WoW fan, but you might not know everything about your favorite game. There are a few interesting facts that are not well-known in the Warcraft fan community.

  1. When the game first came out, players had to upgrade their accounts on their own, but due to the fact that the game had a huge number of mega-hard bosses and missions, the level of the game was very hard. Therefore, many players quit the game. Also in the first World of Warcraft, there were a huge number of serious bugs of a critical level. But today the game is much more balanced, the mechanics are more understandable, bugs are quite rare, and professional gamers are ready to help the players. Companies like SkyCoach are engaged in account boosting – passing dungeons and raids, obtaining the necessary resources or items, leveling, and much more. Playing has become much easier and more enjoyable.
  1. The original WoW had its own group search system, and you could join the queue for it either by using the meeting stone near the dungeon or by talking to the tavern keeper in the capital. The big disadvantage of this system was that it did not take into account the roles of the characters and could bring together 3 tanks and 2 healers or 5 fighters – and it was very difficult to pass the dungeon with such a group. The game could also search for a group for hours, so it was much more convenient to manually collect comrades.
  1. In the original WoW, the server community was close and unchanged, many remembered each other by sight and everyone knew the famous people of the gaming world.
  1. In classical times, saving a particular raid was assigned to a specific character, so it was impossible to continue the passage of the raid with other players or later kill the boss if the raid members killed him without you. In addition, different raids had different reset times: Zul’Gurub and Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj – 3 days; Lair of Onyxia – 5 days; Molten Core, Temple of Ahn’Qiraj, Blackwing Lair and Naxxramas – 7 days.
  1. Alchemy flasks could only be crafted by being near one of the two existing alchemy labs in the game: Scholomance or Blackwing Lair.
  1. To open raids, in particular the Lair of Onyxia, it was required to go through a long chain of tasks, performing various tasks and wandering around the world.
  1. Raids and dungeons did not have their own maps, so players had to use addons like Atlas.
  1. There were no guild banks in the original WoW, so all the guild’s valuables were often kept by one special character.
  1. Some famous actors voiced the game. So you may recognize many voices.
  1. In the old days, Pyrefire Village had an interesting detail: during the day it was inhabited by ordinary human villagers, and at night they turned into worgen. In Cataclysm, with the rework of the world, this feature of this place has disappeared.
  1. There were dishonorable victories in the game, which were awarded to the player for killing civilians. They lowered the honorary rank. Many players complained about this annoying feature, so it was removed in The Burning Crusade.
  1. Characters of different races could be attacked in close combat from different radii, depending on the size of the character model. For example, the attack range of a Tauren was greater than that of a Dwarf. This allowed them not only to attack but also better for them to get to other players. Large and small attack radii had their pros and cons.


  1. In the original WoW, there was a division into PvE and PvP game worlds, and on PvP servers, it was possible to create characters of only one faction.
  1. Classes had a number of small unique features that had to be taken into account. For example, hunters needed to monitor the mood of their pets and periodically feed them, as well as have a large supply of arrows or cartridges for shooting. Some class spells required consumables, such as resurrection seeds for druids, or ankhs for resurrection for shamans. Classes had special quest chains to open access to certain skills – for example, chains for druid skins or paladin and warlock mounts.
  1. In the old days, the number of negative effects that could be applied to the enemy was limited to 8, then later it was increased to 16. That is why the players tried not to recruit too many characters with periodic damage in raids.
  1. The original design of WoW only had 100 quests for both factions. It was especially hard for players who love to play online games so much after level 50.
  1. In the south of the eastern continent in WoW, there used to be 2 islands that were removed from the final version of the game – Gillijim Island and Dr. Lapidos Island.
  1. The first zones Blizzard made back in 2001 were Stormwind, Elwynn Forest, and Westfall.
  1. Prior to the release of Burning Crusade, it was possible to get to the Outlands with the help of “Blink” to the portal of the Deadmines.
  1. The Emerald Dream location is still in the game client and has not been put into action. Perhaps it will appear someday, such a technique (the introduction of locations in sequence) is often used by the best online games.
  1. It was planned that Gnomeregan would become an ordinary city, which could be reached by elevator from Ironforge.
  1. During alpha testing, the female troll model was very different from what it is now.

We assume that you hardly knew all these facts about the main MMORPG of two decades and we were able to surprise you. Perhaps you even wanted to go back there and conquer the worlds of WoW again, especially since the latest addition, Dragonflight, has just been released.






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